12 Best Jigsaws | July(2024) | Detailed | All Types.

While looking for the best Jigsaws there are few things to keep in mind.

Some things which are very important to check before buying.
Things such as,

Motor : What kind of motor the jigsaw is using. How much speed and power it has.

Cordless/corded : Whether the Jigsaw requires wire to connect with or is it running through a battery without wire.

Blade Speed : This is important as this can largely affect the work output. .

Some other few things to consider are Orbital Action, Bevel Cuts, Changing Jigsaws Blades, With / without LED Light, Dust Blower/ Exhaust Port,Blades Clamp or Shanks.

To avoid the hassle of going through each and every thing.

And obviously not to confuse you more.

Here are the best 12 Jigsaws that might come handy.

Also we have categorized based on your need.

Lets check them one by one…,

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Based on material

#1 DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw

 Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring
Image of DEWALT-20V-MAX-XR,(DCS334B)

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 4.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 8.25 x 1.75 x 6.38 inches
  • Item model number : DCS334B
  • Material : Metal
  • Power Source : Cordless-electric
  • Voltage : 20 Volts
  • Included Components : DCS334B
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : Yes

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR is a great tool. This brushless model is compact in size and easy to handle and control. With precise cuts, it performs excellent for a longer time.

The dust blower is outstanding; it helps clear the line of sight while cutting various materials.

If you are a beginner or professional in this field, do not bother with quality and speed because 4-position orbital action allows you to control cut quality and speed.

An auto-shutoff dual LED light mounted to the blade area.

Also attached 2AH & 4AH cell packs are balanced perfectly.

The LED light helps you to see the cut line when you will be cutting the material.

The t-shank blade gives you a clean, proper straight cut. You can easily replace the blade.

The 3,200 spm variable speed control allows you to cut through any angle, even with thin material. Very easy to curve and sculpt cuts with DEWALT 20V MAX XR..

Pros :

  • Plenty of power.
  • Ease of following lines with LED.
  • Great Quality.
  • Portable.
  • Cordless.
  • Variable speed.

Cons :

  • High battery consumption.
  • Higher quality blades makes it even better.

#2 DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw for Woodworking
DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, (DCS331B)
DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, (DCS331B).

Specifications :

  • Part Number : DCS331B 
  • Item Weight : 6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 11.25 x 11 x 3.9 inches
  • Item model number : DCS331B
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Color : Yellow
  • Style : Jig saw
  • Material : Metal
  • Power Source : Battery-Powered
  • Voltage : 20 Volts
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Handle Material : Rubber Overmolded
  • Accessory Connection Type : T-Shank
  • Included Components : Charger Not Included
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : Yes

This DeWalt 20V jigsaw is an outstanding tool.

It works fast and gives an excellent performance, and this is not a brushless model. 

This tool comes with two blades. You can change the keyless blade easily and fast.

The built-in LED light and battery doesn’t come with this jigsaw, so you have to manage and purchase 1 Lithium-ion battery. 

It has a dust blower that helps you see the cutting area clearly and line where your blade is moving.

The removable shoe cover helps you to protect the materials from scratches. 

This jigsaw uses t-shank blades; you can easily access the blade holder and replace the blade.

If you insert the wrong blade style, then the blade locking system will not work correctly.

So, if you want to gift someone, you can choose this great jigsaw.

Pros :

  • Well designed tool.
  • plenty of power.
  • Smooth speed control.

Cons :

  • Dust blower could have been stronger.
  • Rapid blade change system.

Based on cutting pattern

#3 HYCHIKA JS-100C Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw for Cutting Curves

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 8.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 13.2 x 12 x 3.9 inches
  • Style : Jig Saw
  • Material : Multi
  • Power Source  : Ac
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Amperage Capacity : 6.7 Amps
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Handle Material : Rubber
  • Blade Edge : Serrated
  • Speed : 3000.00
  • Laser Beam Color : Red
  • Plug Format : A- US style
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

If you are looking for a best jigsaw for cutting curves, then the HYCHIKA JS-100C is a perfect tool. It is a powerful and professional tool.

This jigsaw generally used for PVC, wood, aluminium, thin metal sheet, ceramics and panels of plastic etc., with straight-cut, bevel cut and curve cut functions.

This jigsaw comes with six variable speeds and 3,000 SPM, capable of matching the speed with different materials.

This jigsaw has plenty of power.

You can apply six speeds for different materials like metal, steel and aluminium.

This jigsaw comes with a blade.

The 6pc blades allow you to choose different saw blades according to the material. Whatever angle you want to cut, you can because it enables adjusting at 45 degrees in the left or right.

The faster the cutting speed is perfect for soft material, and for more rigid materials, slow cutting speed best.

The built-in laser guide and the scale ruler come with this jigsaw tool, making your cutting in line with accurate measurement.

The lock-on button holds the trigger so that you can relieve yourself during long work to avoid keeping your finger on the trigger.

With the help of a quick-release chuck, you can easily change the blade.

The base plate guard protects the workpiece from being spoilt and using the dust blower, and you can see the line and cut the material smoothly..

Pros :

  • Good quality.
  • Quick release chuck.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes 6 blade.

Cons :

  • Not durable.

Based on experience

#4 Tacklife PJS02A Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw for Beginners / Home Project
Image of TACKLIFE-6.7-Amp

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 7.67 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 9 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches
  • Item model number : PJS02A
  • Style : PJS02A-11
  • Pattern : PJS02A
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

Tacklife PJS02A jigsaw is an effective multi-functional jigsaw which you can apply on various materials like PVC, plywood, vinyl planks, solid hardwood, aluminium, and thin metal sheet.

This tool can easily handle curved, straight, angle, or plunge cuts.

It has 3000 SPM cutting power. With a 6-position variable speed, you can control the pace and cut accurately. It performs flawlessly with different applications and materials.

The Tacklife PJS02A Jigsaw Come with six blades and a convenient storage case.

You can easily change the specific blade for metal, aluminium, wood and plastic.

This tool has Built-in laser guides for cutting in line and LED light to clarify the cutting area and increase visibility to precise cutting.

A  Dust extraction adapter comes with this tool connected to a vacuum cleaner and works in a neat and clean environment.

You can work without pressing the trigger because there is a lock button that reduces your exhaustion after a long work.

Pros :

  • Convenient.
  • Built-in laser guide.
  • Excellent power and performance.
  • Versatility.

Cons :

  • Laser quality could have been better.
  • Blades performance could have been better. 

Based on accessories

#5 WEN 33606 Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw with laser & led light
Image of TACKLIFE 5.0 Amp Barrel-Grip
TACKLIFE 5.0 Amp Barrel-Grip.

Specifications :

  • Part Number : 33606
  • Item Weight : 5.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 9.38 x 3.25 x 8.63 inches
  • Item model number : 33606
  • Size : 6.6A Motor
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Included Components : Jigsaw
  • Batteries Required : No

WEN 6.6-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw tackles wood, metal, plastic and more, and it can make any shape with variable speed.

It has an onboard LED light and a laser light which can be allowed to access three action switches and Keeps your cuts on the straight and narrow.

This versatile jigsaw is easy to use; it works well on straight cuts, curves, wood, and plastic. 

The WEN 33606 comes with various features to change and install the blade faster with the help of a quick-release chuck, and it provides you with a  lock-on button that holds the trigger and gives you some relaxation.

Pros :

  • Well made.
  • Variable speed.

Cons :

  • Blade doesn’t fit securely.
  • Laser quality could have been better.

#6 Makita XVJ02Z Jigsaw

Best leader Brushless Cordless Jigsaw 
Image Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT Brushless Cordless Jig Saw
Makita XVJ02Z 18-Volt LXT

Specifications :

  • Part Number : XVJ02Z
  • Item Weight : 2.65 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 9 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Item model number : XVJ02Z
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Style : Tool Only
  • Thickness : 1 Inches
  • Power Source : Battery-powered
  • Voltage : 18 Volts
  • Certification : Certified frustration-free
  • Included Components : Unit^Instruction Guide
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : Yes

Makita XVJ02Z is a powerful tool with a brushless motor system. It does efficient work with delivering power and performance.

This jigsaw is the best for woodworkers, construction workers, cabinet makers, and pro-contractors. 

It has three orbital settings to cut straight for faster and more accurate cuts in a variety of materials. With the variable speed control of this tool, you can match with any applications.

It allows you to control the speed.

This tool’s features allow you to install and remove the blade faster.

The Makita XVJ02Z comes with a lock-on button with a large 2-finger variable speed trigger, a heavy-gauge aluminium base for smooth, accurate cutting, and dual-LED lights to illuminate the cutting area.

The Makita 18V Lithium-Ion battery takes less time to charge faster, so you can spend more at work, not in charge of the storm.

This jigsaw starts in slow-speed mode, so those who want to work in high-speed mode perhaps can be frustrated.

Pros :

  • Can cut straight and faster.
  • Less blade change system.
  • Battery small and powerful.
  • Safety feature.

Cons : 

  • Starts in low speed mode.
  • Auto lock-out feature could have been better.

#7 Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw

Best corded Jigsaw
Image of BOSCH Power Tools Jigsaw Kit - JS572EK

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 9.19 x 4 x 8.5 inches
  • Item model number : JS572EK
  • Style : Top Handle
  • Pattern : Jigsaw Kit
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Included Components : (1) Carrying Case, (1) Plastic Shoe, (3) Assorted JigSaw Blades, (1) JS572 JigSaw, (1) Anti-Splinter Insert
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

The Bosch JS572EK Top-Handle is a fantastic jigsaw that provides you with an accuracy cut. 

The double-roller guide system allows for less blade deflection.

The front light of the jigsaw helps you to see your cutting line.

The blade changing concept is very simple.

You can easily replace it even when the blade is hot. But you have to be careful.

It has a variable speed, and it can cut different soft and hard materials.

This tool comes with a carrying case, plastic shoe, assorted jigsaw blades, JS572 JigSaw, and Anti-Splinter Insert.

It could have been better if the steel base plate and dust extraction were included in this tool.

Bosch JS572EK Top-Handles is an expensive and powerful corded  tool for the professional.

Pros :

  • Variable speed.
  • Low vibration.
  • Less blade deflection.

Cons :

  • Not included dust collection.

#8 Tacklife TJS01A Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw with dust collection 
Image of TACKLIFE 5.0 Amp Barrel-Grip
TACKLIFE 5.0 Amp Barrel-Grip

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 4.27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 10.24 x 2.36 x 5.91 inches
  • Color : Brown Black
  • Style : TJS01A
  • Power Source : Ac
  • Wattage : 600 watts
  • Horsepower : 600 Watts
  • Item Package : Quantity 1
  • Cord Length : 78.74 Inches
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

Tacklife TJS01A  barrel-grip design jigsaw comes with a dust exhaust pipe that connects to a vacuum cleaner and helps work in a clean environment, especially for those who have dust allergy.

The edge guide comes with this tool; It helps make pretty straight cuts, also it has an adjustable and variable speed knob.

It allows the user to operate the speed with the trigger and can use the option to make it faster or slower.

This Tacklife barrel grip jigsaw also comes with an assortment of different saw blades and an Allen wrench which helps you change the jigsaw angle. 

This lightweight and small-handed jigsaw are very easy to handle and perfect for small projects at an affordable price.

The orbit settings and multiple speeds make it more powerful.

This tool you can apply on various materials like aluminium, plywood, thin metal sheet, vinyl planks, solid hardwood and PVC; also, it is capable of different cuts like curved, straight, angle, or plunge cuts.

This tool makes a little bit of noise, so you have to use your earplug.

The screws that hold the angle plate should be tight adequately.

Sometimes it gets loose on its own. So before you use it, check once, and the plate will never fall off.

Pros :

  • On-off switch.
  • Effective dust collector. 
  • Easy to operate.

Cons :

  • Hard to hold hot body of tool.
  • Front plate should be fixed tightly.
  • Vibration little bit high.

Based on experience

#9 Festool PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Best High-end / Professional jigsaw
Festool 561593 Carvex
Festool 561593 Carvex.

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 8.72 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 4.33 x 11.61 x 15.55 inches
  • Item model number : 561593
  • Power Source : Corded-electric
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

The Festool is a high -end and professional jigsaw that comes with variable speed and provides an extremely fast max of 3,800 strokes per minute.

This tool provides triple blade guidance for entirely 90 degrees cuts, splinter guards for tear-free cuts and high powered LED.

For long time services, lightweight, and more power, it has a Brushless motor system.

This  Carvex jigsaw has various features for different shapes.

It can cut any most rigid material.

It has an awesome well-designed dust collection. It works well.

It has a blade guide to tighten down so the blade doesn’t vibrate or shake and can make square cuts on thick material.

One difficulty is there which we can’t ignore, the turn on and off a trigger to activate while cutting materials.

Overall this is a perfect professional jigsaw.

Pros :

  • Versatile.
  • Durable.
  • Brushless motors.
  • Robust design. 
  • Blade guide feature.

Cons :

  • Accessories kit needs.
  • No edge guide  available.
  • Angle base issue.

Based on Budget


Best Jigsaw for entry level /Best on the market
Image of BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 4.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 11.75 x 4.38 x 9.25 inches
  • Item model number : BDEJS600C
  • Color : Black
  • Style : Jig saw
  • Power Source : Corded-Electric
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Amperage Capacity : 5 Amps
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Special Features : Variable Speeds
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

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BLACK+DECKER Smart Select 5.0 Amp Electric Jig Saw comes with various qualities at a great price.

It has four customized orbit settings, which allows you to control curves and bevel cuts. This 5 Amp Electric Jigsaw with CurveControl system controls over tricky angles. 

This  BLACK+DECKER can cut wood, metal, and plastic up to 3,000 strokes per minute.

The Wire Guard keeps a clear line of sight for precise cuts from starting to end. 

You can quickly swap out the U and T shank blades without using extra tools, and you will never have to fluff when you change the blade. 

The four customized settings will help your specific projects and make them better. 

This multi-functional powerful jigsaw  adjustable shoe for a stable cutting platform.

Pros :

  • Curve control system.
  • Beveled cuts.
  • Wire guard.
  • Adjustable shoe.
  • Plenty of power.

Cons :

  • Doesn’t include a trigger lock.


#11 Bosch JS470E Jigsaw ( Best Overall)

Best Jigsaw- Overall 
Image of Bosch JS470E 120-Volt
Bosch JS470E 120-Volt.

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 10.4 pounds
  • Item model number : JS470E
  • Size : 7.0 Amp
  • Color : Blue
  • Style : Top Handle Jigsaw
  • Power Source : Corded-electric
  • Included Components : Jig Saws – Construction – Power Saws, Power Jig Saw, Construction – Power Saws
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

The Bosch JS470E corded top handle Jigsaw with 120V low vibration has 7.0 Amp variable speed. This jigsaw can cut up to 5 7/8″ Inch on wood, 3/8″ Inch on steel.

The Bosch JS470E is perfect for furniture building,  professional woodworkers, countertop installation, woodworking, Countertop cut-outs, and DIY projects.

It has a toolless blade-change system.

This tool comes with various features and exciting upgrades.

The Bosch JS470E applies the toughest cutting tasks with four orbital-action tool settings, which provide different blade strokes for smooth to rough cuts.

You can use this versatile tool in a variety of applications.

The accelerator trigger controls the operating speed. It is easy to handle. This tool is also corded electric Jigsaw.

Pros :

  • Versatile jigsaw.
  •  Low vibration feature.
  •  Excellent cutting speed. 
  •  Robust die-cast aluminum footplate.
  • Corded. 

Cons :

  • High cost.
  • Blade may become askew after long time use.
  • No LED light.

Other Type

#12 PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jigsaw

Best Jigsaw For Precision Woodworking 
Best Jigsaw
PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw.

Specifications :

  • Item Weight : 6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 9.5 x 3.25 x 8.5 inches
  • Item model number : PCE345
  • Style : Jig Saw
  • Power Source : Corded-electric
  • Number of Handles : 1
  • Speed : 3200 RPM
  • Included Components : Orbit jigsaw
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Batteries Required : No

The PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jigsaw is a very controllable and low vibration tool. Its features will help in your accuracy of working.

This jigsaw provides multiple speed settings for different cutting performance with various materials.

The powerful motor and four orbital settings allow for improvised cutting performance in various materials.

It has a lock-on button which allows you to have easier control during long work.

This jigsaw has tool-free blade changing features, so you can change the blade fast and easy.

The dust control port doesn’t come with this jigsaw.

Pros :

  • Lock-on feature.
  • Tool-free blade changing.
  • Easy to control.

Cons :

  • No dust control port.


Can a jigsaw cut straight lines?


Yes, Jigsaws can cut straight lines very well. But it can even perform better when it comes to curve cutting.

How thick can a jigsaw cut?

It can cut very well up-to 3 to 4 inches with a 4 ” blade. After that blade tends to get bend and the result edge may not be a square cut.

What are the different types of jigsaws?

There are two types of electric jigsaws, corded and cordless.


The article concludes by presenting the best jigsaws on the market, which offer a variety of functions, cutting skills, and user-friendly designs. These jigsaws are indispensable tools for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts since they are dependable, adaptable, and well-suited for a variety of cutting applications.

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