Reciprocating saw vs Jigsaw | July(2024) | Working, Blades, Better choice?

Many people are confused between reciprocating saw vs Jigsaw.

They are almost same in the way the blade is operated.

Even in Jigsaws the blades is reciprocating during its operation.

However both are a very different tool for different purposes.

Here we have tried to clear some doubts regarding these tools.

And also some of the frequently asked questions about Reciprocating saw vs Jigsaw..

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Lets start to explore each one by one,

# What is a Reciprocating Saw?

A reciprocating saw is wood working saw tool powered by electricity or through batteries.

These saws have great strength..

They are best suited for demolition works, plunge cuts, metal cutting, Nail Embedded Wood etc. It is also called saber saw.

An Image can explain better…

An Image showing the reciprocating saw for the article "Reciprocating saw vs jigsaw"

# What is a Jigsaw?

Jigsaws are another great tool for wood cutting.

Similar to reciprocating saw these are also powered by either electricity or the batteries.

The main difference between these two saws are in their designs and purpose.

Jigsaws are best used for curve cuttings and complex shapes cutting.

Previously it was also known as saber saw.

Let’s have a look at its image…

# Summary | Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw

In case you don’t want to go in detail. We have summarized it for you..

Reciprocating SawJig Saw
Best for Demolition and Plunge CutsBest for Curve Cutting or irregular cut.
Not very safe for beginners because of its open blades.Safe for beginners as the blades are not directly exposed.
Can cut metal , Nail embedded wood also thick woods.It is not so good for very thick wood.
Can reach difficult areas like ceiling , corners etc very easily.May not reach corners because of its design.
It is also known as Saber SawEarlier it was also called saber saw.
Table showing the difference between Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw.

# How does it work?

Reciprocating Saw Working:

It works by the back and forth movement of the blades.

The blades can be adjusted both front and backward cutting based on the requirement.

The blades plays a very important role when it comes to different types of material .

We need to select the right kind of blades for metal , wood etc.

The teeth in the blades can vary between blades.

For Metal cutting we prefer fine blades.

Likewise we need to choose accordingly.

Here is an actual look of the reciprocating blades.

Jigsaw Working :

It also works similar to reciprocating saw.

The blades run in back and forth movement.

Some of the jigsaws also support orbital movement.

Which means that along with the front and back movement, the jigsaw also can move top and bottom thereby forming an orbital movement while cutting.

This kind of movement can be set for aggressive cutting.

However the cut edges may not be very smooth.

Because of its smaller blades and the design, the jigsaws can perform very complex curve cuttings.

Here is a look at the jigsaw blades..

# Which is better jigsaw or reciprocating saw ?

When it comes to powerful cutting, corner areas cutting and demolition type of work , reciprocating saw is better. .

While for smaller and complex curve cutting Jigsaw wins.

In my case, I use Jigsaws more than any other tools.

This is based on the type of work I carry out frequently..

# Which reciprocating saw has the longest stroke?

Ryobi P519  has upto 3400 strokes per minute. GALAX PRO Compact Reciprocating Saw has stroke length up-to 3000 stroker per minute.
Ryobi P519  is one of the longest stroke reciprocating saw in my list..

# Can you use a reciprocating saw as a jigsaw?

No. Reciprocating saw may not be able to cut curve cutting like we can in Jigsaw.
Moreover Reciprocating saw has moire safely issues then jigsaw due to its exposed blades. So we can use it as a replacement for jigsaw..

# Are reciprocating saw blades interchangeable?

Yes Reciprocating saw blades are interchangeable.
You can even change the direction of the blades just by changing its cutting position.

# How long are reciprocating saw blades?

Usually they are up-to 3 to 12 inches. Longer blades gives deeper cutting and vice versa.

# Who makes the best reciprocating saw?

Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita are few brands that makes the best reciprocating saw.

# Which Ryobi reciprocating saw is best?

Ryobi P519 is the best in terms of performance, Stroke length , Price and overall user base it has.

# How to change reciprocating saw blade?

It depends on the Brand and the model. This tutorial can directly help you out. “How to Change reciprocating Saw Blade?”


The article concludes with a thorough comparison of reciprocating saws and jigsaws, emphasising each tool’s special qualities and uses. Users can choose between a jigsaw’s adaptability and a reciprocating saw’s power by being aware of their distinctions and basing their choice on their unique cutting needs

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